DNSTR - Domain Name Mapping for Nostr Public Keys

draft optional author:melvincarvalho

This NIP defines a way to associate a Nostr public key with a domain name.

For example:

This is useful for services and individuals who wish to associate their Nostr public key with a domain name for easy referencing, identification, or branding purposes.

Nostr event

A kind 31034 event is used.

The content SHOULD be the empty string and is reserved for future use. It could contain strings similar to a DNS record.

The following tags are defined as REQUIRED:

Example event:

    "id": "exampleid1234567890",
    "pubkey": "examplepubkey1234567890",
    "content": "",
    "kind": 31034,
    "created_at": 1682327852,
    "tags": [
            "u", "http://example.com",
            "d", ""
    "sig": "exampleSignature"

Services and tools that wish to make use of this NIP SHOULD first verify the authenticity of the event by checking the signature and then map the domain name specified in the content to npub.nostr or pubkey.nostr.


In order to lookup a .nostr domain you simply query the pubkey with kind=31034 and use the field in the content as the domain. Some lookup services may choose to fallback to profile web page or nip-05 origin, as desired.

Use Case

By having a Nostr public key mapped to a domain name, users and services can easily share, reference, or verify the authenticity of a domain based on its associated Nostr public key.

For instance, if Alice wants to verify that example.com is genuinely associated with a specific Nostr public key, she can look up the Nostr event with kind 31034 and verify the domain name in the content.